Dear Marie: Scaredy cats seek relationship advice

Dear Marie,
There is this guy I like. We hang out together all the time and we were even kinda involved last year, but I just don’t know if he likes me anymore and I don’t know if I should tell him how I feel. We’re friends and I don’t want to make things awkward. Thank you!
More than Friends

Dear MF,
I can relate here; I am terrified to tell a guy if I like him. It sounds as if he probably likes to spend time with you. If you’re feeling brave, make some advances, like touching his hand or shoulder when you talk to him. He’ll probably be clueless, just because he’s a guy, but if he actually pulls away, I’d start fishing the vast pond of Carroll men (yeah right!). If he seems responsive, you know there might be something there. If he truly is a friend, he won’t be weirded out if you tell him you want to take your relationship to that next level. If he is the type that will be an immature baby and never want to talk to you again, you won’t want him anymore, anyway…for a friend or boyfriend. Be brave and go for it, if he’s worthy of you he won’t let a little confession ruin a friendship. Who knows? Maybe he is sitting at home right now wondering how he is going to ask you out.

Dear Marie,
I have this friend, “Jessie.” Jessie is wonderful! We get along so well. The thing is, she likes this guy, “Brian,” who I think is so wrong for her. He always plays mind games with girls and strings them along. Here’s my problem: I like Jessie…a lot. I don’t want to see her get hurt and if she keeps going after Brian, I know she will be hurt. What do I do?
Wannabe Jessie’s Guy

Dear Wannabe,
What are you afraid of? It sure sounds like you care about her, so why don’t you just tell her what you know about Brian and how you feel about her? The worst that could happen is that she’ll laugh in your face and tell you to get lost. If that happens, oh well. At least you tried! If/when she comes crying back to you because Brian broke her heart, you may just have to tell her, “I told you so,” instead of holding her in your arms and telling her that everything will be okay. Make sure you think of yourself, too, and don’t set yourself up for heartache.

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