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7:45– Public Safety officer gave us access to two second floor offices and one third floor office. One second floor office is said to have been a place that, from the window, apparitions have been seen. Another second floor office has a very old fireplace boarded up. The third floor office was opened because it has access to the attic.  The attic is, supposedly, where Lydia Morgan hung herself. The Officer told us that an old professor of his said that in the ‘main hall’ of the 1st floor, an old staircase used to come down. A woman in a ball gown could sometimes be seen ‘coming down’ from the ceiling as if she was following the old floor plan and staircase. And her date, a man in a suit, would be pacing to the right near Lostetter’s current office. At around midnight tonight we will be setting up a large camera for awhile to hopefully capture this.  Now, stay tuned for some videos as we show you some of these rooms and the building!

10:55– Set up a tripod with a camera in the main hall to hopefully capture something… maybe even the woman in the ballgown and her date. Temp on the main 1st floor went from 78 degrees to 72 degrees. That may not mean anything but it’s interesting to note. Andy, our Web Designer, went through each floor closing the window blinds because “ghosts don’t like light.” More videos to come as we start turning out the lights and breaking out the flashlights.

11:00– Amanda and Heather leave 3rd floor to go down to first. Upon starting on their way down to 2nd floor, the 3rd floor door slammed shut and the stairway lights went out. Heard some sort of screech or scream.

11:40– 2nd floor… one office’s phone (the office with the creepy fireplace) went off. This was about 11:20. Then at 11:30 that same phone and the phone in the office next to it went off. Weird.

12:30– 2nd floor… phone stopped ringing upon entering an office, but a voicemail light never appeared.

12:45– 2nd floor… phones continue to ring, sometimes at the same time. electrical problem? Maybe… We are also encountering battery life shortages in multiple devices. Some editors are receiving chills, especially when leaving rooms/stairways.

1:05– 2nd floor… phone continued to ring, and we answered. All we heard was static, and a faint, quiet voice in the background, and then… nothing.

1:15– Attic… we are using a ouija board in the attic, perhaps we’ll encounter a spirit. Perhaps the spirit of Lydia.

1:50– We returned to the third floor from our ouija board session. Messages included “Kilgour” (with the numbers “5” and “3”), “Ms” .”J”. “Wilbur”; and when asked to respond in one word concerning the supposed hanging of Lydia, the response given was “love”.

2:00– Went to listen to 6 sessions of recordings recorded on one of our recorders from earlier when we split into 3 groups to visit each level. Before entering our first Ouija board session they were on the recorder. After the session, they were all erased.

3:00– 2nd floor… our second Ouija board session is about to begin.

3:30 – Returned from an interesting Ouija session, resulting in knowledge of revenge, from a former Carroll English student who believes it is 1935. During the session, our live video feed died, along with our video camera. This ends our ouija sessions for the night. Do you believe? Or was this all brain-jerk reactions… who knows.

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  1. this is so cool

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  2. mmm delishious product placement.

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  3. why dont you just answer the phones?

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  4. what happened with the ouija board!?!?!?

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  5. As a Carroll alum, this was so much fun. Before “Morgan Manor” was renovated, there used to be Halloween parties there, and it was the perfect setting.

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  6. ring a ling a ling new perspective…

    ring a ling a ling

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  7. Wow, that sounds thrilling. Would’ve been awesome to watch the videos…

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  8. speaking as an x-custodian 3rd shift, I always thought it was nice and quiet when I was cleaning this building the same time everynight about 2:30 a.m. I never heard or saw anything out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, I also took my lunch there, (all alone… ) :) Really cool building though…

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