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Kristina Ljujic
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The Lynden Sculpture Garden has opened its door to local artist in the new “Inside/Outside” exhibition.  Phil Krejcarek, Carroll University’s Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, and local fine art photographer Eddee Daniel are currently displaying their collaborative work at Lynden.

The “Inside/Outside” exhibition began in the summer of this year, and will continue into 2011.  Artists have the opportunity to display their work outside in the park, as well as inside the house on the property.  All of the participants were chosen through an application process.

“Lynden Sculpture Garden extended an invitation to local artists to display their work,” said Krejcarek.  “I asked Eddee if he wanted to collaborate on something.”

Daniel exhibited his “Accidental Art” series at Carroll last year.  The subject of the series was orange and black construction fences.  Although the artists did not have a set idea for their work when they were accepted, Krejcarek thought the orange fences were a good starting point.

“I decided to make blue ladders to go along with Eddee’s orange fences,” said Krejcarek.  “Orange and blue are complimentary colors, and the ladders fit the construction theme.”

Their collaboration is titled “Under Construction,” and several sculptural works can be seen around the park.  Most of these works consist of both the orange fences and the blue ladders, except for a couple, such as the blue ladder that is emerging from the pond at the park.  The artists agree that the works have a surreal quality to them.

“I believe they hold a balance between serious symbolic content and whimsical abstraction,” said Daniel.

One work includes a ladder suspended horizontally over a fence.  In another, a ladder is standing vertically on its end next to a fence.  Several of the ladders are set on metal rods, and appear to be floating over the ground instead of sitting directly on top of it.  Others are hinged at the corners, and look as if they are simply resting against each other over the top of the fences.

The “inside” aspect of the exhibition includes photographs from Daniel’s Accidental Art series, and white foam core houses with small blue ladders that Krejcarek created for the collaboration.  Also on display is Daniel’s book, “Urban Wilderness,” which is a collection of photographs of the Menomonee River area in Milwaukee.

Daniel and Krejcarek said they have known each other of many years, and both agree that it has made their collaboration easier.

“We have been having a lot of fun with this,” said Daniel.  “We bounced ideas off each other and came to a mutual consensus on content, form, and aesthetic issues pretty quickly.  We occasionally disagreed on some points, but neither of us felt the need to be right all the time.”

“Under Construction” opened Oct. 24, and will remain on display until Dec. 12.  Daniel and Krejcarek will conduct an artist-led tour on Nov. 7 at 2:30 p.m. at Lynden Sculpture Garden.

“I hope that people will enjoy the surprises we provided, enjoy the whimsical aspects,” said Daniel.  “I hope that they will leave with a new or different awareness of the aesthetic and metaphoric implications of construction fences in the environment.”

For more information about the exhibition, visit the Lynden Sculpture Garden’s website at

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