Athlete Spotlight: Lyndsey Seewald’s passion as point-guard

Lydsey Seewald

Photo by Marty Pitzer

Marty Pitzer
Staff Writer

Lyndsey Seewald, a senior from Coleman, Wis., is one of Carroll’s premier basketball athletes. Her competitive attitude for the game has earned her the point guard position on the team by being one of the most consistent players they have.

Her love and passion for the game goes back to when she started playing in the 4th grade. This passion carried through high school where she played volleyball, softball and basketball, but basketball remained her first love.

To put her priorities into perspective, the passion isn’t all about winning.

“The feeling when you win is the greatest, but even when you lose you learn something,” Seewald said.

Majoring in psychology and working in the athletic department as a timesheet fellow along with playing basketball, including training during the off season, has filled her schedule. Her goal is to attend graduate school at the University of Denver, one of the top schools for sports.

Her inspiration from her teammates and coach motivated her to have a long term goal in coaching college basketball someday. Seewald is hoping graduate school gives her the experience and knowledge to someday become an effective coach.

“With a psychology degree, I am hoping to help players get out of their heads and into the game,” she said.
Despite her busy schedule, Seewald manages to find time to decompress with music. She enjoys playing her guitar to help her relax and clear her mind.

“Lyndsey is a perfectionist that always looks to improve her game,” said Kris Jacobsen, the head coach for women’s basketball. “That is one of the reasons she was chosen to be the team leader by the other players.”

Jacobsen went on to say that Seewald helps organize community events for the team.

“She is an outstanding athlete with an impeccable work ethic,” said Jacobsen.

This confident, well rounded and balanced player is the one fans should keep their eyes on this season. Her height may be smaller than most players, but she compensates with her love of basketball.

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  1. To my “short height” niece, Ha Ha. I never considered you short….what are they talking about?
    I (we) are so proud of you and you sure put the Seewald name out there. Can’t wait to see you, so I can give you a big hug. Very proud of you. Keep it up and I know you will inspire a lot of girls out there. They always look up to their coach. Ask Sandee, this year she is celebrating her 35th year of coaching volleyball. Must be running in the family…..Again, stay the super-star you have always been to so many. Especially the Seewald Family…..Christ Loves YOU, Aunt Carma

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