Femme Fatale

Sarah Grannis
Editorial Staff

Britney’s back, bitch.

The 29 year old pop sensation returns with a bang with her latest release, “Femme Fatale”. With her seventh studio album, Britney Spears proves why she is a pop icon with 12 tracks full of heavy dance beats and club-thumping music.

The first single “Hold It Against Me” made waves quickly, and the second “Till The World Ends” has caught on quickly as well. While both singles are very good (this album is a definite departure from her early releases and even the most recent “Circus” and “Blackout”), the real standouts are “I Wanna Go”, “How I Roll”, and “Big Fat Bass (feat. Will.I.Am)”. A special deluxe edition is also available and features another great track – the part-ballad, part-club music “He About to Lose Me”.

Love it or hate it, Spears is admittedly not the most amazing singer in the world. However she uses this to her advantage on the album and manipulates her voice over the dance beats, creating a whole new sound. She knows she’s never going have the voice range of Christina Aguilera, but what differentiates Spears is that she is a true performer and knows how to entertain her audience. Spears is not afraid to take risks on this record and experiments with so many different melodies and sounds, it truly is unique, catchy, and instantly one of (if not her) best releases.

Should you buy it? If you’re looking for a fun album to play in your room before heading out for a night on the town with your friends, go for it. As an entertainer who’s never afraid to push the envelope, Spears proves once again why she is the once again the reigning Queen of Pop.

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