Letter to the editor: Teach us how to Dougie

Dear President Hastad,

Over the course of the past five years, your term as president of Carroll University has proven that it will be remembered for several years. You have brought a unique vibe to campus, something that cannot be exemplified in simple phrases but by simply witnessing the positive changes. Because of your leadership, you have brought a strong connection between the students and the administration, something that has not had such a strong presence in the past.

Because of this, I feel it is appropriate to offer this simple request to you. As several students are aware, there is currently a quite popular dance called the “Dougie” that goes with a song called “Teach Me How to Dougie.” As the song suggests, the people singing do not know how to “Dougie.” My suggestion is that you, President Hastad, take some time during an afternoon and teach the students of Carroll how to “Dougie.”

Teaching students how to “Dougie” correctly will lead to so many social benefits for our generation. You will be teaching the students a valuable dance to those that do not necessarily know it yet and when we are out dancing and that song comes on, we will be able to break it down on the dance floor. Additionally, teaching people how to “Dougie” will provide economic benefits because students will subsequently buy the song off of iTunes, providing the music supplier with revenue to help stimulate the music industry.

Finally, since so many students will be performing and perfecting the “Dougie,” other staff and faculty members will be interested in learning how to “Dougie,” which could lead to “Dougie” dance parties and “Dougie” social nights, with everything revolving around the “Dougie” that you taught us.

It seems as if the benefits significantly outweigh the setbacks of teaching students how to “Dougie.” In order to help make Carroll a more prosperous campus and community, you should really teach students how to “Dougie.”

Sincerely yours,

Dancing Dougie

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  1. This is awesome. Thank you Dancing Dougie for submitting this important and momentous suggestion!

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