Be Here

Be Here

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Josh DeGrasse-Baumann
Editorial Staff

Rachel Platten’s debut album comes a few months after she signed with Rock Ridge Music.

“Be Here” clocks in at just over 30 minutes, making it a quick listen, but one that leaves a lasting impression.

“Nothing ever happens if you stay in your room/nothing ever happens if you leave the party too soon,” Platten sings. “… So, make a little space/and get out of your own way.”

Through her lyrics, Platten explores topics that everyone must deal with when entering adulthood. Typically, these songs focus on relationships and the various intricacies that go with them.

“You don’t have to go/stay the night and we’ll take it slow/we don’t have to know how far we’re going,” Platten sings in “You Don’t Have to Go.”

In “Don’t Care What Time It Is,” Platten explores the young adult nightlife singing “we don’t care what time it is … if the DJ keeps on finding hits, we can keep this going for days.”

The album closes with the opposite, and one final conclusion.

“You’re like that/Yes, you’re like that/yes you need somebody too.”

The album was released April 26.

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