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Every Avenue, a punk-pop band fromMarysville,Mich., released their third album, “Bad Habits” on Aug. 2.

The quintet indeed has upped the ante on this album with guitar­ists Josh Withensaw and Jimmie Deeghan shredding louder than ever a drummer Dennis Wilson pounding harder than ever.

“Tie Me Down” then moves into Strauchman pleading for someone to “Rip my heart out/hurt me good be­fore you say goodbye / let’s do this right now.” He seems to be recall­ing a past relationship or something in the near future. The next track, “Whatever Happened to You” seems to have the carry the same bitterness from track one.

“Fall Apart,” may seem slow­er than the other tracks but the lyr­ics are just as cynical, “I want you to fall apart like I did / You to hurt for all of this / All the pain you put me through / I wanna hear you say / I don’t deserve you.”

Strauchman is more emotional and raw, as evident in his lyrics, “If it hurts you bad, Put it on my tab / I can pay it back tenfold / You’re the only place I’ve ever called my home.”

“Watch The World,” the album’s closer, does not live up to standards. It’s almost as if they threw it in last minute. It’s much like their first two albums, and ultimately a letdown.

Overall, “Bad Habits” shows the band is maturing as a whole. They aren’t afraid to dig into those heavy and painful emotions. This album was worth the wait, and definitely worth picking up.

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