The Help

Bryce Dallas Howard and Octavia Spencer in 'The Help' Photo courtesy of Dreamworks Entertainment.

Sarah Grannis
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Skeeter returns home from Ole Miss to care for her ailing mother. She is disheartened to discover the family’s longtime maid, Constantine, has sup­posedly quit during her absence.

As a member of the Junior League, she is forced to rub elbows with her childhood friend turned “frenemy”, Hilly who proposes, to Skeeter’s shock, that all homes with African-American maids must have a separate, outdoor bathroom for “the help” to use, rather than their own personal ones.

As a journalist, Skeeter begins to realize that there could be a valuable story to be told from the maids. She goes around asking to secretly inter­view them, though almost everyone turns her down. Aibleen finally agrees, and begins to share her story with Skeeter. These women, who have been forced to raise white children while leaving their own home alone for years, tell Skeeter of events that shock and appall her, making her realize a change must be made – not only inJackson, but across the nation.

There is some mature subject mat­ter in the film, and it is quite the tear­jerker. However, if you are interested in one of the best feel-good dramas of the summer, make sure to catch “The Help” while it still continues its run in theatres, or at least get the DVD.

More information can be found on The Help website.

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