Paranormal Activity 3

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Luke Bennewitz
Editorial Staff 

If you have been watching televi­sion at all during the past few weeks, you have most likely seen the com­mercials for “Paranormal Activity 3,” the latest addition to the “Paranormal Activity” series. The commercials give anybody the creeps, making it seem like this movie will be the best install­ment in the movie franchise to date.

However, the commercial you have been watching is not what you will see in theatre.

The actual film does not include any of the short clips seen in the trail­er. It is definitely false advertising at its best.

“Paranormal Activity 3” does, however, deliver a decent scare factor. It does not fail to disappoint the au­dience and give several spine tingling moments where you cannot do any­thing but close your eyes.

If you are the type of moviego­er that looks for deeper meaning to films, then “Paranormal Activity 3” will be a disappointment for you. However, if all you are looking for is to be spooked, then “Paranormal Ac­tivity 3” will provide.

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