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Florence + the Machine’s second major studio release “Ceremonials,” dropped on Nov. 1. The sophomore album shows off Florence + the Machine’s indie-pop rock tunes which the American mainstream fell in love with in the previous album “Lungs.”

The first single, “Shake It Out,” captures the ballad turned pop groove sensation that the album evokes. The song arouses an image of a jaded lover who channels pain into lyrical creativity and imagery. Seeming to mirror the jilted love song turned inspirational ballad similar to the likes of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Florence + the Machine capture that same effect here.

The third track, “What The Water Gave Me,” is by far my favorite on the album. It has a darker pop-rock ballad feel coupled with a groove that sets in and brings back a retro indie vibe.

The smooth listen that it is, coupled with the dark overtones and catchy lyrics capture that essence that brought Florence + the Machine into the limelight. The repeat button will be getting some attention due to this piece of the album. This is the sort of song that is good to delve into alone or in the background of pre-Thanksgiving studying.

“Ceremonials” feels like another hit from Florence + the Machine, with similar pop-rock indie artists around, the competition is tough, but you will no doubt be seeing Florence + the Machine on the top charts within the coming weeks. You’ll definetly want to pick up a copy of “Ceremonials.”

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