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Josh DeGrasse-Baumann
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Andrew Rossi managed to get unprecedented access to the New York Times newsroom for his documentary “Page One: Inside the New York Times.”

The movie looks at the shift from print to digital media. Journalists discuss their views on the shift, from the growing threat of physical papers dying out to the global demand for specific content.

The movie covered several topics that were interesting and relevant to journalism, including WikiLeaks and the launch of the iPad. Unfortunately, most of these segments were incredibly short, making them barely worthwhile.

It was entertaining watching journalists, like David Carr, adamantly defend both their profession and their paper, but it’s hard to ignore the other side of the argument, which the movie seems to shun.

Media covering media usually tends to produce interesting results, and “Page One” is no exception. There are plenty of tense moments at media conventions where the new media calls out the old and the old media calls out the new, and the documentary does a decent job of capturing that tension.

If you have any interest in journalism or the changing methods of transmitting information, definitely check out the media.

Unfortunately, despite some other reviews, I don’t think this documentary will be terribly relevant in a few years. The media will continue to change and this will be outdated sooner or later.

The message is still potent, though: Be adaptive. Everything changes. Even the New York Times.

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