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While exorcisms have not been the conventional theme of scary movies since “The Exorcist,” it plays center stage in “The Devil Inside.”  While the film has a decent share of moments that will make you jump, there are far more moments that will put you to sleep.

“Devil” follows the story of Isabella Rossi, the daughter of Maria Rossi who was admitted to an insane asylum in Italy after committing a set of murders, and her search for answers around her mother’s crimes.  She learns about the Catholic Church’s exorcism practices and befriends two priests.

The film gives a good initial scare to moviegoers.  With many filmed exorcisms, the movie shows several disturbing images and gives the creepers to any avid horror movie fanatic.

However, while there are many moments that stray away from the usual horror movie formula, the horrendous acting certainly brings it back down to mediocrity, seeming like the movie was trying too hard to appeal to the audiences emotions.

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