Artist of the Month; Marissa Gerretto

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Congratulations to junior Marissa Gerretto on being named Artist of the Month who is a double major in photography and graphic design. Having a love for photography and art, she wants to start out in Graphic Design “to get my feet on the ground” and later start her own photography business.

When working on an art piece, she gets her main inspiration from music, and places that she sees around her. “If I see something interesting I begin to think of what I can do as a photo shoot in that area. Other art gives me inspiration as well, things that I could do based off of others work.”

Other experience in art that’s similar to photography is working with film and having the love for working in the dark room and manipulating photos in photoshop. Having done senior portraits, weddings, engagement shoots, kids, and landscapes as a series of works.

At the moment she’s working on lots of class projects, but her main focus goes towards a project that includes self-portraits based off of music she listens to. “As a form of identity and showing emotions and feelings I get when I listen to my music.”

Aside from photography being her favorite medium, she likes to draw and paint. While favorite styles include: surrealism and naturalism. Admiring the works from photographers: Ansel Adams, Brook Shadens and Sarolta Ban.

courtesy of Marissa Gerretto

courtesy of Marissa Gerretto


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