The Eyes on March; Women’s Lacrosse Heads to the Season Opener

By Alejandro Merlan


March 11, 2015 will mark the first time in history that Van Male stadium will host a Lacrosse game for Carroll University. The Lacrosse Pioneers will go up against Concordia University Falcons. The Blue Jays are predicted to win the Midwest Women’s Lacrosse Conference. But before the game takes place on that fateful Wednesday night, the team has been practicing hard in preparation.

“The team has been working on their stick skills like no other. A lot of the members on the team put in more practice than just the scheduled practices. We have been learning different plays on the offensive side in practices. Defensively we have been practice different types of defending such as man to man or zone defense.

We are doing everything we can to prep for our first game.” Says Junior Donna January.

“Warm-ups, stick skills, conditioning, week end film reviews” some of the things mentioned by freshman Madeline Glubka when asked about practice style. “Every month we have a different focus, this month was commitment, being committed to Lacrosse, committed to being healthy, and committed to being a student athlete.”

Head Coach Michael Hodge had this to say about the team practicing “These are great student athletes who have an opportunity to play together, they meshed early and did well.”

Coach Hodge played lacrosse for Holy Cross, at Notre Dame Indiana, before taking over and becoming head coach there. He then became the assistant head coach for State University of New York in Canton, New York.

A term that would describe this team “Blue-collar” says Hodge. “We work hard, we want to out work our opponents, and we don’t want to be out worked.”

The blue-collar attitude has matriculated down to every player. “The coaches have done a great job preparing us for everything so far. Not only have the coaches, but I thought everyone on the team wants to win games this year since it’s the first team ever.” Says Donna January.

Madeline Glubka, who joined the team late, shared her experience “When I first joined, I contacted the team through a group page and half the team messaged me back. They really helped, one of the captain’s helped me get a stick. When I first met them they were seemed intimidating, because they were all in good shape and athletic. But now I’ve gotten really close, they are a lot of fun.”

The anticipation for the game scheduled for March 11 is quickly mounting as the date draws ever closer.

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