How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Safety

By Sondra Erwin


After a string of robberies on campus, what can the Carroll Community do to stay safe?

Back in December, the first of a string of robberies took place. A student was held at knife point and the robber got away with his laptop. Later in the month, three more robberies took place in residence halls. And in January another theft of two laptops took place in Steele and Swarthout Halls.

Robberies such as these are not uncommon at Carroll. A quick search on the internet reveals similar crimes occurring throughout the years.

Some students are under the impression that Carroll is a bubble of safety in the Waukesha area. Additionally, when crime does find its way onto campus, students seem to think that Public Safety are not doing their job. This mindset reflects poorly on Public Safety because they actually work exceptionally hard in order to maintain the safety of campus. Students need to remember that Carroll is a part of the larger area of Waukesha and that we are not impervious to crime.

So the question then becomes; what can students do to stay safe?

Remember sitting in on a presentation by Public Safety during 1st year orientation? Remember that first floor meeting with your RA? Guess what? They actually talk about important information! They warned against letting people “piggyback” into residence halls. If you do not recognize someone, do not let them into the residence halls. The thefts later in December and January could have been stopped if the robber would not have been let into the buildings.

If you have to walk back alone to your residence hall at night, use the shuttle instead, especially if the area is poorly lit. It may be a burden to wait for the 4 rides ahead of you; however, the benefits outweigh the costs in this case. Walking in a group would also be an alternative to taking the shuttle.

As mentioned before, there are poorly lit areas on campus. The university needs to invest in making sure all areas of campus are visible, particularly in the outskirts of campus near the train tracks by Frontier and Carroll Street Apartments. Maybe some collaboration needs to be done with the city of Waukesha and Carroll in order to have better lighting and security near the city lot as well (which is directly next to Carroll Street Apartments).

If the university is to maintain safety and security on campus, there needs to be a give and take between different groups in the community. Students need to be proactive and do what they can to keep the campus safe. Public safety and the Waukesha police cannot always be monitoring the outskirts of campus. They need to put in extra security measures in problem areas to deter further crime.

Ultimately, it has to be a joint effort between the students of Carroll and Public Safety if we, as a community, want to maintain the safety and security of our campus.

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