Cheapskate: A Beginner’s Guide to Local Discounts and Savings

By Khorye Huffman
Staff Reporter


With the price of products constantly skyrocketing, how does one keep money in their pocket? Two words: discounts and savings. The first step to saving money is spending the least amount for a larger quantity of products. With a bit of effort, finding low priced products with high quality benefits is not hard,  it just requires an awareness of local discounts and sales.

Carroll University students are very lucky. There are multiple businesses in downtown Waukesha that offer a 10 percent discount on product purchases to students. Some businesses that are part of the discount program include Allo Chocolat, Mia’s, and Steaming Cup. Fuzzy’s pub and grill has a sale of their own with large tacos on Monday for 75 cents per taco.

For college students, sometimes it is hard to afford to go out, but there are deals at some local theaters that make it possible. The Marcus Majestic has $5 admissions on Tuesdays for the public, and $5 admissions on Thursdays for students. On Mondays there is also $5 admission for selected movies as a ladies night. Silver Cinemas budget South theatre in West Allis has an even cheaper option; their day-to-day ticket price is $2. However, on Tuesdays, the theatre lowers its admission price to $1.

Movies are not the only cheap form of entertainment. Fracaro’s lanes provides a low price for bowling in Waukesha for $2 per game and $1 for shoe rentals.

Macklemore has the right idea when it comes to thrift shops — they are a great place to go to find good deals on clothing and other useful trinkets. Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul, aka “Vinnie’s”, have a great variety of items available for low prices. Goodwill has discounts on different colored stickered items, daily. They also have a Goodwill member card which keeps track of points a shopper earns and sends coupons to the customer’s email address. In this way, it is possible to earn even more discounts while “popping some tags”. Thrift shops have all sorts of things for sale from jeans and shirts to shoes and “broken keyboards”, all for an affordable price. On Saturdays at Goodwill, students get an extra discount when they bring their ID in. St. Vincent De Paul also has low and affordable prices.

It save people money and helps the community. Buying from these stores channels local money into the local economy. This makes it easier for smaller businesses to hire more employees and fund themselves for investments that can help the community become more economically stable.

The internet is another source for discounts and savings. There are various apps and websites available that sort out nearby sales. For example, Perk TV is an app that gives rewards for watching videos, ads, and trailers. Reward points can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards, send donations to charities, purchase tablets and more. The app is free and easy to sign up for. Users need to input an email and come up with a password, and  then they can begin watching videos and getting rewards points. Amazonlocal also provides great deals on local products from 50-75 percent off upfront purchases on beauty products, entertainment, restaurants, etc. Groupon is another example of a website that features discounted gift certificates and deals for businesses locally and nationally owned. There is an endless combination of discounts available with Groupon.

The world of savings is endless as long as one has the proper knowledge about locals discounts and sales. It is like a box of coupons: there are always more surprises to look forward to.

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