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Helpful Tips to Stay Sane During Finals

By Sandra Rzeczyca
Feature Editor

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With the end of the semester in sight, students are headed towards final exams that are worth 5% of their grades. This constitutes the notion of cranking out Starbucks, chilling in the sweet old library and staying up all night. The final stretch is within reach before the sunny beach.

The first thing students should do is procrastinate by getting a group of friends who are in the same class and get together at the library to study for the upcoming final exam. While at the library, students can utilize the resources that are offered if someone is struggling.

In order to keep energy levels at the peak, students should drink loads of coffee from Second Cup. Studies done by psychology majors here at Carroll have come to the conclusion that drinking coffee while studying showed an increase in A pluses across all majors.

Once students become frustrated, they will start start ranting at why they have to take finals and how much of a struggle it is to stay up to procrastinate. While this is a good strategy to relieve stress off of a student’s shoulder to get that anger flushing out of them.

When studying becomes stressful, breaks come into play, and some important things to do during this time is to take a step back from studying for at least 20 minutes to let the brain absorb the information that has been learned and then return. In those 20 minutes students can get creative and play musical chairs.

While keeping stress levels low is not easy, it is always important to get a good night’s rest before the day of the final with your lucky blanket wrapped around. Once that is achieved, eat a healthy breakfast filled with nutrients and get some exercise in. Show up in time for the final and remember every section of Trivia Crack that will help students get the grade they desire.

The last and important tip is to give the professors a token of your appreciation by baking a dozen of chocolate chip cookies or whatever their heart desires.  Studies have shown when students bring professors food during the final there was a one letter grade higher average. Once the hectic finals are over, students can go back to their peaceful lives of summer vacation and wait with anxiety whether they passed or not.

Author: Sandra Rzeczyca

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