New Perspective Seniors say Goodbye

By Tiffany March

The seniors on The New Perspective say goodbye to their time at Carroll University, and they reflect on the times they have had — both on the newspaper, and at school.

Shelby Hearley, Graphic Designer, looks back at her time at Carroll and all of the memories she has made. “Carroll has provided me with some of the most memorable moments of my life,” stated Hearley. She talks specifically about her time spent on her Cross Cultural Experience (CCE): “The six months I spent in Sydney, Australia, was the most amazing experience in my life and it’s completely indescribable,” explained Hearley. She gives credit to Carroll for allowing her to have such an amazing experience.

Hearley continues on about how her experiences on newspaper have affected her life outside of Carroll — specifically with internships. Kathryn Maes, another Graphic Designer, also reflects on how her experiences on the newspaper have helped to give her real life experience. The organization has also helped Maes learn more about print and develop work for her portfolio.

Maes notes that the most prevalent thing she has learned at Carroll was during the time she spent working at Verde. “I have learned how to make a wide range of coffee drinks for crabby students and to do so on very little sleep myself,” states Maes. Behind the humor, Maes also reminisces about how Carroll has given her the tools to be an adult.

Janezia Ketchel, Op/Ed Editor, also refers to many life lessons she has learned while at Carroll. “I could sum up my experiences at Carroll in one word: exhilarating,” explained Ketchel. “Overall, college taught me to just be myself, and let the pieces fall where they may. Taking risks is a part of life, and they can lead to many terrifyingly great things.”

Ketchel continues to talk specifically about how her experiences at Carroll have helped to guide her in her future career aspirations. “When I studied abroad in Italy, I took a Publishing and Editing course that helped me discover my love for editing,” stated Ketchel. Her time on newspaper has also influenced her goal to pursue a career in publishing.

Overall, each of these students have done a remarkable job at leaving their mark at Carroll and The New Perspective, and it seems as though both have left their marks on them as well. The New Perspective wishes them well in their pursuits.

Author: Tiffany March

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