All Roads Lead to This: Furious 7


By Cassandra Fawley
Staff Reporter


If there was one word that could describe the seventh move in “The Fast and The Furious” series, the word would be adrenaline. On April 3, 2015, many fans of the franchise arrived early to the theaters, anxiously awaiting the film. There were so many questions that had developed since May 2013, when the last film was released.. How would James Wan, the director, do Paul Walker’s legacy justice? How could “Furious 7” out do “Fast & Furious 6”? Would this film leave fans anticipating yet another sequel?


Many can recall the first moment they saw Brian O’Connor and Dom Toretto race across the screen. Almost twelve years ago, the men began a story that prospered and continued to keep Americans on the edge of their seats. It didn’t take long for the rest of the world to fall in love with the speed, the fury, and the cars. Of course, the eye candy did not exactly disappoint, either.


The newest movie in the sequence began with Dom and Letti, who still cannot recall her past, driving towards Race Wars. Letti races and at the end of the race, as her fans are cheering her on, she catches what appears to be the first glimpse of her past. Terrified, she races off into the desert, with Dom hot on her tail, only to walk away so that she can find herself. Meanwhile, O’Connor is gearing up and ready to go. If only he could find the lever for the side door in the minivan so he could drop off his little one first.


The movie then falls into an electrifying plot, with more twists than anyone could have possibly imagined. Not only is there a brother seeking revenge, but there is also a world-class hacker who needs protection from a terrorist who wants the whole world in the palm of his hands. Enemies team up based on their common hate for Toretto’s gang – little do they know that the fallen heroes will rise again when they least expect it. As they travel the world destroying unique cars and bringing the fury to unimaginable terrain, an exhilarating film unfolds.


As the film came to a close, emotions began to flood the audience. Wan did indeed paint a beautiful legacy for Paul Walker. Somehow “Furious 7” brought enough fury to surpass the first six movies. And finally, this newest sequel left everyone desiring (at least) one more film. Happy watching, everyone!

Author: Cassandra Fawley

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