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By Ryan Frye
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There are many students that are in the Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy program at Carroll University.  Students in the Exercise Science program look for jobs such as strength and conditioning coaches for athletes or personal trainers at gyms. Graduate students at Carroll University gain experience as the Athletic department finds positions for them as strength and conditioning coaches. Coach Kevin Brusky, Coach Jonathon Kosrow, and Coach Steven Wood are three of the strength and conditioning coaches that train Carroll’s Athletes.


Kevin Brusky is a second year graduate student that is looking to complete his academic career with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning.  He helps train Carroll’s football, basketball, women’s volleyball, women’s lacrosse, and helps the practicum students that work with football.


Originally Coach Brusky was a Pre-Physical Therapy student, but after shadowing, he recognized that he desire to be a coach was stronger than being a physical therapist.  “I realized that my passion was working with athletes. I am a very energetic person and the atmosphere in the weight room is something I look forward to each and everyday,” said Brusky.  Coach Brusky changed his major from Pre-Physical Therapy to Exercise Science which allowed him to do what he truly loves. He loves seeing people grow in and outside of the weight room.  As Brusky stated, “[strength and conditioning] teaches discipline, hard work, dedication and provides lifelong experiences and friendships that shape people’s lives… What I love most, it’s the look that an athlete gives you when they realize that all their hard work paid off.”


Another coach that helps out with Carroll’s Athletics is Coach Kosrow, also known as “Koz”.  Like Coach Brusky, Coach Kosrow is a second year graduate student with a major in Exercise Physiology.  Coach Kosrow runs morning football workouts, works with track throwers, and helps any other students that are interested in weight training. Coach Kosrow used to be a personal trainer but then decided to train athletes.  “Athletes have specific goals and objectives that they want to train to become better at their sport.  Designing programs and watching the progress along the way is very rewarding,” stated Kosrow During his experience at Carroll, Kosrow has built relationships with his fellow peers and students at Carroll.  “I enjoy the success of athletes and watching them improve and hit their goals.  There is a trust that is built between the coach and athlete that can separate a good athlete from a great athlete.  That bond is very special and important to the team.”


The last coach that works for Carroll Athletics is Steven Wood. Coach Wood is also in his second year of graduate school and is working towards his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Strength and Conditioning.  He is involved with men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, women’s lacrosse, and football when help is needed.  Similar to Coach Brusky, Coach Wood was interested in Physical Therapy, however with his experience with sports, he realized exercise science was a better fit for him. “I had always been active in sports and exercise, so I quickly realized that the sports performance industry was where I belong, and I began looking for any experiences where I would get to work with athletes,” said Wood.  As a second year graduate student, Coach Wood has gained many experiences working with Carroll’s Athletes and is very grateful to have the opportunity to share his knowledge with fellow athletes. “Not only do I get to help our student athletes improve their athletic ability, but I get to see these athletes grow and develop as a person for four years, and I do my best to help aide that development.”


Although these coaches are in the final stages of their academic career at Carroll University, they have all faced some type of adversity along the way. Coach Brusky stated that the “hardest challenge has been to coach athletes that I had been friends with or played with before I became a S&C coach. As a coach, you have to push athletes beyond their comfort zone and sometimes that involves ‘using your outside’ voice”.  Coach Kosrow and Wood were having trouble finding room for teams to train. Coach Kosrow explained, “There are a limited number of fields and courts at Carroll, which can make scheduling and finding open space to train difficult.” Agreeing with Coach Kosrow, Coach Wood commented that the biggest challenge was “organiz[ing] all the different teams and fitting the time slots into one weight room. There are many teams that use the weight room and only so many hours that it works with school schedules and team practices.” Although these coaches faced some type of adversity they all still had an experience that will help them with their futures.


These three coaches are doing an amazing job helping out Carroll Athletics, both noting that their experience helped with “hands-on experience” and “communication between coaches and athletic trainers”.  For those interested in possibly coaching internships look too Coach Brusky has previously interned at The University of Iowa, Coach Kosrow did his internship at Samford University,  Alabama, and Coach Steven Wood received his internship at Campell University, North Carolina.


Author: Ryan Frye

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