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By Khorye Huffman
Staff Reporter


Carroll University students pay a high price to attend and may not know the benefits of attending. Carroll’s Tuition partly goes towards campus wide technology. The university offers a wide selection of technology and services for students to take advantage of in order to help with their studies. Technology at the university may not always be visible, but it is scattered in almost every building on campus. Students may want to take a closer look at their surroundings to utilize what they pay for.


The library is the hotspot on campus for technology, but most students spend four years here without knowing what is offered. For portable use, students and faculty can rent out iPads, iPad keyboards, and chargers for forty-eight hours, along with other devices such as headphones, DVDs, and CDs. Ethernet cables, used to manually connect one’s computer to internet, are available at the library for those who are having issues with Wi-Fi connections. Should a student needs to run through a presentation, they can use a VGA adapters, found at the library’s front desk, to connect their iPod to a projector or Smart-boards, both of which are located in the Classroom. To accompany the smart-boards, there are computer mice, and keyboards. The classroom also offers laptops for individual use.  If a student needs to listen to a film with other students, then they can rent a headphone splitter to keep the noise to a considerable level so as not to disturb their peers. Library computers have DVD/CD players, and other installed programs for use. The library also offers SARA CE; a scanning machine that converts printed text to spoken text for those who have low vision or are blind. Carroll’s library also offers an assortment of low-tech instruments such as a microfilm machine, printers, dye-cuts, guillotines/paper cutter, the Pio-One card machine, anatomy models, Slinkys, and other materials that are used to facilitate learning. If a student requires media sharing technology, the library is an awesome place to go for all technology needs.


The Learning Commons (LC), located in the basement of the library, offers multiple technology services  that students can use for projects and other school work. It operates as its own department where students can participate in Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, tutoring, or group projects. What makes the LC special is that they offer media:scape, — tables in private studios that make sharing information easier for students — and ENO/Nirvana touchscreen boards that are used to update students on SI sessions or campus events. They also have smart-boards, Macs and PC laptops.


Information Technology Services (ITS) is Carroll University’s department that manages technology across the entire campus. The department is made up of highly professional individuals who maintain the campus’ technologic capabilities, like Wi-Fi and printing, while supporting events held by student led organizations by checking out equipment. A combination of professional staff and student workers make sure that students are receiving adequate help with lab computers and printers and other technology in the Tech Center. ITS monitors the use of such equipment by cataloging it in the web check out software system. The  ITS department has a large array of devices that are ready for the Carroll community to use. Studio C, a green screen studio that allows users to edit film with other images, and devices, such as video cameras, PC laptops, iPod cameras, which are all managed by the professional staff and support teams at ITS.

The media center (MC) is the newest innovative operation brought to Carroll University by ITS. It was established recently in the spring of 2015, and has been running in a fabulously efficient manner ever since. The MC is located across from the Oak Room. Students can checkout devices for student projects or school related activities. The purpose of the MC was to bring efficiency to the Carroll community by housing the majority of the university’s technology in one easily accessible location. It offers flexible hours and extended time for student to be able to check out equipment for projects. On average, equipment can be checked out for several days. ITS offers walkthroughs for unfamiliar equipment, and device use. They also offer all kinds of support and advice for students who need help with their technology.


The school’s technology does not just end at the library, the MC, or at ITS. There are other areas on campus that act as computer labs. To keep students in the loop of campus activates, there are Nirvana touch screen boards that list campus wide events. Find your local Nirvana board in the campus center, the library, and the Pioneer Indoor Terrace (PIT).  The university has multiple computer labs located across campus. A few of these labs are located in the Humphrey Art Center, and on first floor Rankin. There is a two computer lab room in second floor Rankin that appears to be an office. Rumor has it that only professors can use that room however, students have been observed on many occasions to use the room as their own personal computer space.


All the machines and devices on campus are a big help in getting assignments done in an efficient manner. There is so much technology across campus that there should not be a reason for students to suffer from inefficiency. Carroll University makes it easy to take advantage of all the equipment around campus. Unbeknownst to most students, there are little nooks and crannies where there is unexpected technology all around campus.

Author: Khorye Huffman

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