Tips for a Great Summer


By Cassidy Levenhagen
Staff Reporter



The countdown has begun. Everyone is, not so patiently, awaiting summer. Given much thought to the summer plans yet? Here are a few fun tips for enjoying the break:

Call up the family, light the charcoal and get out some bean bag toss! It’s time for a cookout! Gathering up the family and friends for a good old fashioned barbeque party is the perfect way to start the summer off on a good note, and you can never go wrong with a hot dog or two.

When it gets warmer out, get in the water. Seriously, don’t act like you don’t want too! Run off a dock, swing off a rope, or simply just dive in. Whether it’s a pool, pond, lake, or you are lucky enough to get to the ocean, jump in with both feet!

This one word could quite possible sum up summer: Fireworks. For real, who doesn’t love watching a good firework show on the Fourth of July? Or even putting on your own spectacular show with fireworks can be just as good! (Take all necessary safety precautions; we want to see you back here in the fall.)

Take a few minutes to just lie out in the grass and watch the clouds. Use your imagination and point out that dragon you see in the clouds. Work during the day? No worries! Lay out under the stars. It can be an insanely humbling experience, grab a blanket and a good friend and star gaze!

Would not be summer without camping, right? Pack up the tent, pop-up, or RV and hit the road. Spend a weekend away. Bonfires and s’mores for everyone!

Did someone say water balloons?! Fill up a laundry basket full of these bad boys, and head out to the yard with family for some good old competition. Looser has to fill up the next batch!

Head out to a Brewer game. Even if you are not the biggest baseball fan, it is a fun environment to spend the afternoon in. Get there early to tailgate in the parking lot before cheering on the home team!

Play some games. Bean bag toss, washer toss, lawn darts or something fun like candy bar bingo. Bring out the competitive side in friends and family while having a good time outside!

Stay up late once in a while. No one really remembers the nights they got enough sleep. Try something totally ridiculous at 3 in the morning like drawing with sidewalk chalk. You never know what could happen!

Try something new. Whether it is trying an exotic fruit for the first time or going rock climbing. Get out and do something totally different; you may discover a new hobby!

Go outside. Here in Wisconsin we get about 4 months out of the year, if we are lucky, that have enjoyable weather. So go out and enjoy it!

Spend time with those who matter. Take time out of your day to go for a walk with your mom or play catch outside with your brother. Hang out with friends from home while there is time!

Finally, do whatever it takes to enjoy summer because it goes by fast. Before we know it we’ll be back on campus and cooped up in a dorm for 8 months.

Summer is just around the corner. Plan to make it a great one!


Author: Cassidy Levenhagen

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