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By Jack Sherman
Entertainment Editor

LC Chairs

When a guy walked into the Learning Commons several years ago dressed as a bonafide leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day, people were quite amused − to say the least. But more and more, students are becoming accustomed to unusual behavior, to the extent that an unwritten rule has developed here at Carroll: if you haven’t seen (or done) something completely ridiculous in the LC, you can’t really call yourself a Pioneer. Chair racing, fort building, anything can happen − and it’s undeniably fun to watch. Told by students and administration alike, the following are some of the weirdest − and best − examples of crazy collegiate behavior.


Anatomy students have it rough, no doubt, but they often find creative ways to cope with their demanding schedules. Recently, a student reportedly noticed that a group of anatomy students were “crawling on tables” down in the LC. When asked to elaborate, she said that “…they were crawling from table to table, like, standing on them, trying to get to another [white]board.” You would imagine that anatomy students should know best that walking is probably the fastest way to get to a whiteboard, but regardless, it does sound like a fun and refreshing way to study.


The student workers at the LC desk see everything, so naturally, we asked them what ridiculous things they’ve witnessed. One of the workers remembered a particularly interesting incident where a student ordered an entire pizza, had it delivered to the Learning Commons and ate the whole thing by himself. Some might call that crazy behavior −  others would say he is a smart man. LC attendants have also noticed people walking around barefoot in the Learning Commons, which gives rise to a very important question: where did they leave their shoes?


Members of administration in the Learning Commons have also seen interesting behavior among students, both past and present. “When we used to have the red couches and chairs out there when we first started ten years ago, people used to just create a home and live out there, y’know… they had like pillows and blankets,” said one individual. While the couches are long gone and the chairs may be less comfortable, students still find ways to more or less live down in the Learning Commons.


But that isn’t all that administration members have seen. One member noted that “…people have started looking for plugs in the ceiling…  they just like, find a plug in the ceiling, climb up on a chair and plug up into the ceiling.” Why? Apparently, there used to be plugs in the ceiling where wireless internet hubs were connected before they found alternative means to provide WiFi, and students grew accustomed to using them. Why they opt for hard-to-reach ceiling outlets when there are countless wall sockets is a question that may forever remain unanswered.


Even as a freshman, I too have already witnessed some questionable behavior. I’ve seen people having Netflix marathons on their computers, throwing food into each other’s mouths from across the table, using whiteboards as their own personal drawing murals, and bringing pillows, blankets and slippers down to the LC for a presumably more comfortable studying session. Two instances take the cake, though: on one particularly odd evening, I saw a girl laying on the floor while a guy sat on her and massaged her shoulders for what I can only hope was a physical therapy exercise. That same night, one of the Learning Commons desk attendants stood up and walked around the entire perimeter of the room spraying large amounts of some sort of air freshener as students tried to stifle their laughter.


As finals approach, I can only imagine what kinds of other weird things will happen in the Learning Commons. Every day is, in and of itself, an adventure. While it’s fun to analyze the downright strange things college kids do while “studying”, it’s also important to remember that as Pioneers, we should embrace our crazy demeanors that make us who we are. I certainly don’t think even half of the things you see here would happen at UW Marquette or Milwaukee. But then again, they’ll probably never know what they’re missing. After all, what happens in the LC, stays in the LC.

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