How Has Technology Changed Over Time?

Technology has seen the rise and fall of empires. Mesopotamia was the center of most of the technologies we have today including ships, irrigation systems, and the popular of them all, the wheel. With technology, every part of the society gains or loses something from cities, agriculture, military, health, education, communication, infrastructure, clothing, and much more.

The East, Northern, and Southern Africa hold the record for ancient technology. It is here that science, math, and medicine might have started. From there, it spread to ancient kingdoms and became as big as we know it today. Early technologies helped early man keep time, weigh quantities, and communicate.

Technology also helped shape agriculture, language, cities, and much more. Over time, human beings evolved from being hunters and gatherers and automated many of the tasks using technology. While it took months to send a raven-message, it takes a few seconds today to talk to someone millions of miles away.