B2B business, also known as wholesale business, isn’t often discussed because it doesn’t involve direct contact with customers. Therefore, wholesale businesses aren’t given much attention.


In real sense, wholesale companies are the cornerstone of the retail industry. B2B business model involves two different businesses trading with each other directly. Actually, it involves the wholesaler selling to the retailer, or the retailer buying from the wholesaler.

Over the years, wholesale ecommerce business has grown just as B2C business model online retail has been growing. The B2B business retail market value was six times that of the B2C model in 2019. The B2B market was valued at $12.2 trillion.

Online wholesale businesses seek ease of doing businesses just like their B2C retail counterparts due to their huge market value. B2B businesses also want a way to enjoy an easy ordering and fulfilment process.

Good inventory sources are never in the open for everyone to see and access. Retailers or B2C businesses have to go out of their way to find suppliers for the products they need at wholesale prices.

However, finding products you can sell for a profit isn’t easy. The process is usually associated with treasure hunting.

B2C businesses need something like a map to guide their search for suppliers or wholesale businesses to fulfil their inventory requirements. Although this helps business owners from wandering around endlessly, there’s no specific spot or mark towards an ideal wholesale business.

You also need at least eight possible wholesale businesses to work with and leverage your options. With the right tools, you can search the internet for the right B2B businesses to supply your woodworking business with the tools you sell.

Various software and online services can help with your search for wholesale businesses that sell power tools for your woodworking business. Generally, the product sourcing process involves the following:

  • Power tools discovery
  • Product analysis
  • Importing
  • Online arbitrage
  • Wholesale
  • Liquidation and dropshipping.

10 Online Resources You Can Use to Search for Wholesale Businesses Selling Power Tools


This website lists over 700 suppliers under 54 different product categories to help you find the right suppliers for your business. If you’ve got specific preference for wholesalers based in the United States of America, you’ll find the platform useful.

Ranging from fragrances and clothing to electronics and toys, most products are consumer-oriented. Visit the site and browse different product categories to find a B2B business selling power tools in the U.S.


Although the platform mainly focuses on home furnishings, giftware, and furniture at wholesale prices, you may be lucky to find a power tools supplier. With the Find a Store and Find a Rep tools, you can easily search through the site for a wholesale business in your specific niche.

What’s more, the site lists suppliers under 70 plus product categories. This increases your chance of finding a reputable power tools wholesaler.


If you prefer a platform that’s associated with outstanding international trade shows in your niche, BAOlink is your go-to resource for wholesale businesses. It allows wholesalers from across the globe to list their businesses with them.

The website also fosters transactions between suppliers and buyers to ensure that you actually receive the goods ordered. This is a good feature when working with new suppliers.

Closeout Central

With a wide range of product categories, Closeout Central connects buyers with suppliers. Product categories include jewelry, apparel, hardware and all kinds of tools.

Designed for easy navigation, you can easily search the portal for a suitable supplier to provide the tools you need to stock your business inventory. The site also provides products from closeouts, liquidations and extra inventory.

Search listings based on your interest. For instance, if your focus is products from closeouts, search under that category for relevant results. Wholesalers fill an online form to list their businesses with the directory.

Top Ten Wholesale

This directory is popular among B2C businesses due to its diverse listings of wholesale businesses for sourcing different products. It also provides information on product merchandise that have resulted from closeouts.

The site is also associated with top suppliers and wholesalers worldwide, another reason for its popularity. However, create enough time to browse through the platform for the best outcome.

Wholesale Directory

The site lists suppliers and wholesalers in thousands under hundreds of product categories. Whether you specialize in selling chainsaws or retail a variety of power tools, this platform can help you find the right supplier for your business.

Some tools suppliers on the site provide detailed information about the specific tools they sell. You may also find information on the application of the specific tools you’re looking for.

For instance, a supplier may be specific about its planers having features that ensure a straight edge when in use. You can also find information such as the swing capacity of tools such as wood lathes, including other features.

The information wholesalers provide are meant to help you make an informed buying decision for your retail business.

TopDirectory.com, Inc.

Although this site mainly focuses on listing top toy suppliers from across the world, you may be lucky to find a tools supplier somewhere among other B2B wholesalers. With 90 product categories, ranging from crafts to educational toys, there’s something for everyone.

Check out related categories such as crafts, tools or even educational categories for power tools suppliers. However, you may not be so lucky with this site due to its product specialty.


Alibaba is a leading online platform that serves millions of suppliers and buyers from more than 190 nations worldwide. The platform allows wholesale businesses or suppliers to list with them so that retail buyers can easily find them.

Millions of products under more than 40 categories ranging from apparel to electronics to tools are available. The website guarantees that you’ll find a reputable and trustworthy power tools supplier listed with it.

Wholesale Hub

This platform isn’t as detailed as other directories above. However, it allows you to compare different suppliers to help you make a suitable decision. It’s especially important for newbies without prior experience working with suppliers online.

Make side-by-side comparisons as you search for an ideal supplier of power tools for your woodworking business.

  1. Wholesalers4u.co.uk

This platform focuses on suppliers based in the UK. However, it also lists European and American wholesalers, making it a go-to resource when looking a place to source power tools for your woodworking tools business. With the user ratings, you can narrow down your list of suppliers to a few businesses you’re likely to work with.