Technology has changed traditional kitchen designs and common operations of the kitchen. With technology, the kitchen has been redefined to make food preparations easier and more effective.

Most kitchen appliances have been automated and technologically designed to be efficient to ensure that any food prepared in the kitchen remains healthy.

Many people have been opting for modern kitchens that have integrated emerging technology. A 2015 Remodel Impacting Report revealed that in the buyers’ appeal, kitchen upgrades ranked first and second. This is attributed to the kitchen being a key component of your house.

Statistics by the same report showed that about 82% of study respondents stated that they prefer staying at home. They attributed this to having an upgraded and complete kitchen with everything they want in a modern kitchen.

Technologically upgraded and remodeled kitchen enhances the enjoyment you can have at home. The 75% of people in the study who agreed that their enjoyment at home increased due to a remodeled kitchen points to this fact.

Technology has been incorporated in most of the items you’ll find in a kitchen. Below are some of the ways technology has redefined the modern kitchen for easier processes and cooking healthier foods:

  • The grilling technology
  • The rise of advanced ovens
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Invention of water Filters

4 Kitchen Technologies Driving the Modern Cooking Space for Better Efficiency and Faster Processes

The grilling technology

Grills are an effective way of cooking meals, more so, barbecuing. Grilling food is advantageous because it gives food a flavorful, sweet taste. The fuels used in grills determine the exact taste imparted in your grilled food.

Grilling technology is a safe way of cooking because it has minimal impacts on the environment.

Also, cooking foods through grilling does not drain them of their natural nutrients that are much needed in the body.

There are many types of grills. They include:

  • Charcoal grills
  • Kamado grills
  • Pellet smokers
  • Electric grills
  • Portable grills
  • Gas grills

The grills vary in cost, design, size and capacity. This means that there’s one for every need and budget out there. You’ll also find the best smoker for beginners or advanced users based on your experience level.

Apart from grilling being healthy, some types of grills are cost-effective and add fantastic flavors to food.

The invention of water filters

Water is the main resource that is mostly used in the kitchen and the home at large. Water directly from the boreholes or taps might contain some impurities that are dissolved in it.

Drinking such water or using it for cooking can be unhealthy. Water filters have been invented to curb this problem. You can now filter your kitchen water before using it.

Advanced filters that are environmentally friendly are available for use in your kitchen. Because of technology, you can now have access to filtered, fresh, and healthy water.

The rise of advanced ovens

The earlier designs of ovens needed a lot of energy to cook a meal. They were wasteful and unsafe to the environment and the food being prepared. This is attributed to the fact that they were not regulated as required.

With technology, newer versions of better ovens have been produced. They include built-in oven variations. Using advanced ovens and cooktops, you can minimize your energy consumption. The appliances are designed to cook food well and maximize energy usage.

Using advanced ovens, your food is cooked effectively with convection cooking that evenly distributes heat to your food. This saves your energy, leading to a reduction in costs, hence, advantageous.

Freezers and refrigerators

When we talk of freezers and refrigerators, we all know how helpful these two appliances have been. Without these two, every perishable food that we have in plenty in the house would go bad.

Cooking and consuming food that has gone bad is detrimental to your health. It’s not healthy and you’re discouraged from eating any meal that is not fresh. If possible, only eat raw foods.

You can store your vegetables and fruits in the appropriate section in the fridge where they can stay for long before spoiling.

Food products such as meat can be stored in the freezer where they’ll be fresh for longer and you can cook them whenever you please, thanks to technology.


Technology has changed the way we cook by providing improved and efficient appliances that make kitchen duties easier. The existing kitchen appliances have been improved and newer ones have been made.

Now it is simpler and quicker to make a meal, and the food that we cook also retains its nutritional value, all these because of technology. There are more appliances and tools that have been designed to make kitchen work easier and safer. The above mentioned are just a few. Technology has made it possible to easily cook and consume healthier meals.