The kitchen showcases how technology has redefined the cooking space. For the latest in smart tech convenience, look no further than the modern kitchen.

Today’s kitchen appliances are not only tech-savvy, but also easy to use, durable, and energy-efficient. Like technology, kitchen appliances are also being upgraded.


Such advancements change people’s perception of cooking, and the way they cook, turning them from amateurs to professional cooks.

Here are eight tech-savvy kitchen appliances every home needs to have.

Kitchen Hub

The kitchen is often referred to as the epicenter of our homes, and the stoves being the hot spot. They are where we cook our home meals, and as a result, we spend much of our time beside them.

However, instead of just sitting beside your stove, you can peruse a range of recipes, videos, and apps, thanks to the Kitchen Hub.

The kitchen hub entails a 27-inch android touch screen mounted on a hood. The kitchen comes loaded with lots of apps, including Hulu and Netflix to keep you busy while preparing dinner at home.

The appliance comes with guided cooking videos and over 5,000 recipes, an inspiration for the most proficient chefs. Quickly acquire one device of this kind for your kitchen.


Since the invention of Smartphones, it’s evident how people’s lives turned around. They simplified tasks and made much easier, even the simplest tasks. With the modern dishwasher, there’s only one more thing to worry about, operating it. But, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The dishwasher can readily be connected to your smartphone after a successful installation. It also comes with a ready-made panel to match your kitchen cabinetry for an identical appearance.

Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are not new appliances to our kitchens, but the modern electric kettle enables us to make our best beverage without the traditional kettles’ noise and inconvenience. They’re more versatile and provide more options than traditional kettles.

Electric kettles enable us to boil water or heat water up to a certain temperature exclusive of the stovetop. This makes them a perfect solution for traveling or office. You can enjoy deliciously or drip and brewed tea anywhere.

Apart from preparing a tea cup, they also boil water quietly without the whistle. However, don’t be bothered by the incredible sound, alerting you that your water is ready.

In many cases, they are also programmable and will heat water to a specified temperature for certain tea types. For perfect tea, it’s ideal to use hot water rather than boiling water. With an electric kettle, you are entitled to this preference, with minimal effort.

Offset Smoker

Many of us know the importance of spending time in the kitchen cooking for our loved ones without knowing the value of a smoker. However, for those of us who love spending a long afternoon with loved ones, an offset smoker can be a great source of happiness.

Finding a BBQ smoker can be hectic sometimes as there are dozens of brands to choose from. Modern offset smokers, such as Char-Broil Deluxe and Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill come with various important attributes. They’re easy to use, portable, have an appealing design, and easy to maintain.

What’s more, you can smoke and grill all your favorite meat to enjoy with friend or loved ones. These types of smokers heat food quickly and evenly. To get well smoked and juicy meats, ensure to purchase the modern type of smoker. Check for various types of smokers for an expiration.

Convection Steam Oven

More and more homeowners are incorporating these ovens into their kitchens for healthier cooking and modern cooking. One of the major benefits of the convection steam oven is the ability to keep your food safe from losing moisture when cooking.

The accumulation of steam to an oven means that you can cook food evenly and no need to add any additional oil or butter to prevent your food from drying.

Steam ovens are extremely flexible and allow us to cook food in different types of styles. With a technology that observes time, environment and temperature by sensing the size, shape and quantity of food, the convection steam oven will make cooking easier.

Custom Refrigerators

 Despite the providence of a diverse line of standard refrigerators by manufacturers, many buyers prefer custom made refrigerators to meet their needs. Such factors like shape, size, humidity, design, and capacity play a huge part in creating a custom refrigerator.

Custom refrigerators have self-closing doors, which are important in maintaining humidity levels. They offer a complete room for storing lots of products.

Because we all need a quiet environment, especially while at home, it’s ideal to purchase a custom refrigerator because they run quietly. Choose a refrigerator with many features that meet your demands.


These are sensor-enabled cooking pans that allow health professionals and chefs to bond with home cooks. Smartypans have temperature and weight sensors that allow apps to give recipes and provide step-by-step real-time cooking instructions.

MasterCard groceries

MasterCard is a grocery shopping app that enables us to restock our Samsung fridges from the kitchen easily. The groceries connect to grocers in our most efficient and convenient setting- the kitchen.

Groceries also allow you to manage, share, modify, and build shopping carts and grocery lists throughout the week. In a world where all kinds of devices are connected to the internet, how consumers transact and interact with brands is changing. MasterCard creates a safe and seamless commerce experience for consumers.