About Us

About Our Founder

You can’t tell people about something we don’t know.

Linda R. Adler is a renowned digital expert with experience in security systems, web development, software creation, and programming. On top of that, she has vast experience in computer science- her area of specialization.

With technical know-how in both software and hardware component, do you still doubt the credibility of the information provided at the site?




To provide valuable information about any new digital product or service launched in the market.

We go a step further to review it for positive and negative feedback. It helps you to make a wise decision on what works for you at whatever time.


To bring innovation to your doorstep by equipping you with valuable information when it comes to matters of the digital world.


Once you have the product on our platform before you even get to know its usage and function, first, know that it’s legit and worth your time.


We tell you about the hackers, fraudsters and online thieves who are out there to swindle your money with a few clicks.


 We cushion you from this by giving you the right knowledge to stay safe as you enjoy the digital products.